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Visiting the Library 
Library hours are Monday through Thursday 6:45 a.m.-2:50 p.m.On Fridays the library closes at 1:55 p.m.
Students may use the library during lunch periods or if a teacher has written a pass. Students who wish to use the library during lunch periods must eat lunch first and use the third floor restrooms.  The north staircase should be used to access the first floor before proceeding south to the library.  Students are expected to stay in the library until the end of the period.
There is no eating or drinking allowed in the library.
The library is a place for silent study. The lunchroom is a place to socialize.  If a group assignment requires conversation, please consult with Ms. Bramble as to the nature of your discussion.
You must wear your ID to gain entry into the library and scan your ID.
Cell Phone Policy
The library is a RED LIGHT ZONE for cell phones. Cell phones may not be used in the library for any reason whatsoever. This includes listening to music with earbuds.

Computer Use 
School work comes first! 
NO chatting, lyrics, eBay, music or sports videos.  If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your search or use of the computers, please see Ms. Bramble.
Please remember to log off the computers before you leave the library.
Chicago Public Library Cards
All Von Steuben students are expected to have a valid Chicago Public Library card.  Students will need to a valid CPL library card number in order to access the CPL databases for various research projects.
Book Check Out
Your ID serves as your library card for checking out materials.
Books and magazines may be checked out for two weeks.
The library subscribes to the Sun Times and 20+ magazines/journals.
Overdue, Lost Materials, Fines
Students with overdue or lost materials or unpaid fines will not be permitted to check out any additional materials until they have taken care of their obligations. If library materials have not been returned by May for seniors and the first Monday in June for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, the items will be considered lost and added to a student's debt. 
Students may print 5 pages of school related work per day. 
Printing of more than 5 pages is not allowed without prior permission.