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Computer Science Department
Computer Science Department
The Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center Computer Science Department vision is to provide students with a technological learning experience using cross-curricular concepts and activities to inspire students to develop critical thinking and literacy skills applicable to their chosen academic pursuits and career goal and prepare them for an ever-changing world immersed in technology.
The Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center Computer Science Department mission provides:
A foundation for moving students from being technologically literate to technology literacy from just knowing how to do tasks to developing the ability to deal with the enormous amounts of available information with the right tools
A curriculum map that develops computer skills and the ability to use computers and other technology to improve learning, productivity, and performance
Lesson plans to develop an appreciation for, understanding of and capacity for critically thinking about technological concepts
Real life applications to responsibly, creatively, and effectively use appropriate technology to communicate, collect, manage and evaluate data and information to solve problems and develop solutions
Job shadow and internship opportunities to responsibly, creatively, and effectively use appropriate technology in the work environment
A sequence of scaffolding courses for students to become technologically fluent To adapt to changing technologies
To modify current technologies
To personalize technology to meet their own needs, interests, and learning styles

Welcome! We really hope you are taking a computer course this year as we are looking forward to a new and exciting year. Here are quick few notes for those students currently enrolled in a computer science sequence course. See your teacher for more details.

Special Field Trip Offerings
Computer Repair Crew
App Challenges
Job Shadows

Exploring Computer Science is now a required course to graduate. What comes after ECS? Students have the option to pursue two tracks - Gaming or Web Design. Each is a two year sequence. Students stay together as a cohort with the same teacher now for the whole sequence. Note that computer classes no longer teach skills in word processing, spreadsheets or presentations. Students are expected to have learned and gained those skills prior to enrolling computer course. Some of these basic skills are reviewed to meet some of the assignment specifications.
JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Students enrolled in a CTE computer class be sure to have an updated resume on file with CTE through Choose Your Future website. We are in the process of working on job shadows and internships for students.

To learn more about the department and courses, please view the Open House presentation below. Any further questions about the program should be directed to Mr. Hernandez, Department Chair, at 773-534-5100 or via e-mail, ADHernandez@cps.edu.

Class scheduling occurs in February. If you are not currently enrolled in a computer class, be sure to drop by room 212 to determine what computer class you want to take. You must get a recommendation. Refer to the Von Course Catalog to learn about the prerequisites.