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Von Steuben Athletics
Thank you for your interest in Von Steuben Athletics.  Below is a list of the seasonal sports offered and the coaches. Please email Athletic Director Mr. Rodriguez at mrodriguez9@cps.edu for more information.

Fall Sports 
Boys Football​​​​​​​ - Mr. Rivera 
Boys Golf​​​​​​​ - Mr. McMillan              
Boys Varsity Soccer - Mr. Sarancic
Girls Sophomore Swimming - Mr. Morrissey
Girls Sophomore Volleyball - Ms. Caraballo
Girls Freshman Volleyball - Ms. Pauley
Winter Sports
Boys Varsity Basketball - Mr. Williams 
Boys Sophomore Basketball - Mr. Sarancic
Boys Freshman Basketball - Mr. Alvarado
Boys Varsity Bowling - Mr. Zimmerman
Girls Varsity Bowling - Ms. Burnside
Coed Cheerleading - Mrs. Estrada
Coed Pom-pon - Mrs. Yanez
Boys Varsity Swimming - Mr. Whitmore
Boys Sophomore Swimming - Mr. Rodriguez
Coed Varsity Wrestling​​​​​​​ - Mr. Thomas
Coed Sophomore Wrestling - Mr. Mueller
Spring Sports
Coed Sophomore Baseball​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - Mr. Hughes
Girls Varsity Soccer - Mr. Domanico
Girls Varsity Softball - Mr. Morrissey
Boys Varsity Tennis - Mr. Bouchard
Boys Varsity Volleyball - Mr. Estrada
Boys Sophomore Volleyball - Ms. Caraballo 
Boys Freshman Volleyball - Ms. Pauley
Boys Varsity Water Polo​​​​​​​ - Mr. Whitmore
Girls Varsity Water Polo - Mr. Carlos Ceja