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Mr. Patrick Reget
My name is Patrick Reget, and I am thrilled to be an Assistant Principal at Von Steuben MSC! After working in schools out of CPS for the past two years, making the return to north side and to the high school setting is certainly a homecoming for me. A few things about me:
  • I grew up in Crystal Lake, IL. and studied English-Education at Illinois State University from 2004-2008
  • I served Schurz High School on Chicago’s NW side from 2009 - 2017 as an English teacher, track & field coach, BLT, data strategist, and grade level lead
  • I led Neal Math & Science Academy from 2017 - 2019 as an assistant principal
  • I currently live with my wife in Humboldt Park where we enjoy running, cooking, and visiting our numerous nieces and nephews.

I put together a few bullet points for my interview to represent my educational philosophy developed through my experience in schools. Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions when you see me.
  • All students can learn
    • Teach with culturally relevant and culturally responsive pedagogy
    • Develop independent critical thinkers - whomever does the most learns the most
    • Target specific areas of need based on multiple data points
  • Collaboration supports learning
    • Creating common practices between teacher teams
    • Empowering teachers to make decisions about their teams, students, and practices
    • Expect and accept discomfort - especially when growing!
  • Relationships are at the center of what we do
    • Assume best intent
    • Always do your best
    • Don’t take it personally
I consider myself extremely fortunate to work in education. I am eager to get to know you all, learn about Von Steuben, the community, and our students!