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Mr. Israel Urbina
Words cannot express how excited I am to join the Von Steuben community! Having served as a teacher on the Southwest Side and after a one-year elementary school residency experience, I bring to Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center seven years of experience in teaching high-school science while also engaging in various leadership roles. As a former athletics coach, I believe in collaboration and teamwork both in and outside the classroom as the foundation of every highly effective community. My philosophy in education is anchored in the strong belief that all students have the right to a high-quality education regardless of where they may reside. I am extremely excited to join Von Steuben MSC and I look forward to partnering with staff and community members in providing enriching learning opportunities for students while introducing, engaging, and developing science literacy for all learners. My previous leadership highlights include: Science Department Chair, Physics Course Team Lead, Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC). I am currently enrolled at The University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Urban Education Leadership.

My areas of responsibility as Assistant Principal include the following:

BOY and EOY procedures
Student fees and forms
Tech Team
Student Athletics
Student activities/clubs
Medical compliance

Instructional Leadership
Departmental Support & Observations: Science, Computer Science & PLTW, and Fine Arts
Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)
Post-Secondary Leadership Team
Khan Academy
Advanced Placement
English Learners
Student teachers / Observers

Family and Community Engagement
Admissions/ Marketing

You may contact me at:
E-mail: iurbina2@cps.edu 
School: (773) 534-5100
Direct Office: (773) 534-5376
Fax: (773) 534-5210
Twitter: @_iurbina_